Who We Are

Your Day Dream To A Reality

The Brand Candy Factory was found in late 2016 and was a successful venture later turned into a colorful umbrella of Brands which are, Joker’s Films, Cyber labs, Private Noise, The Joker’s Concept, Joker’s Holidays and Heavenly Made.

Candy Factory Joker


Mission is to introduce Candy Factory’s tremendous philosophy of business to the world and sustain the market as a philanthropist, which discovered the fine line of maximum creativity engaging with business strategy from a stress-free working environment and deliver 200% to the clients in a guilt free environment.


Our ultimate vision is to become the most recognized idealistic group in Sri Lanka and capture 70% of the market by 2025.

The Joker's Army

Candy Factory Joker

The success behind the brand is the diverse personalities within. A Group of Ultra-Talented and different minded personalities form together in a stress-free environment to make magic. The team consist of Creative designers, Digital Artists, Film makers, Creative Directors, Content Writers, Conceptualists, Web Developers, Senior Photographers, Animators, Editors, Senior Event Managers and Tech Geeks.